Books should not be too heavy for you to carry, neither should actions be too hot to imbibe. The difference between those who read and those who don’t is information and the difference between those who read and those who act is result.

The more you know, the more there is to know, there is always space for more. Never stop learning. And don’t just learn, go beyond that and apply what I call IOS — Implementation Of Study.

The law of IOS propounded by Destiny Omawili (2020) states that what you know and act on will not just birth your expectation(s) but will eventually produce what you don’t yet know on account of repetition and this will distinguish you from the crowd who knows only.This new year, 2021 (which has already started by the way) choose to go for the right information voraciously, especially the Word of God and apply the necessary actions to get results. People often stop at reading, reading is good but not good enough, it requires action(s) to be useful and successful. Always remember that learning is useless when you use it less. Like they say “New Month, New Year” is all in the mind, time hasn’t stopped since it started its journey, and if that is true then what makes the year really new is you doing new things, things you have been too busy or too afraid to do all these years.

So let me ask, what are the new things you are planning to do in the forthcoming year? I thought as much, so what are you waiting for? If you don’t know the exact items to buy before you leave for the market when you get there the traders will decide what you buy, so it is with your day, your month, and certainly with your year! If you don’t plan your time (long-term and short-term), others will decide what you do with it. Your time is your life, make the best out of it. Set goals, and even more important be stubborn about sticking to them, don’t let anything make you sideline any activity you have planned to carry out. EXTRA TIP When planning your day, ensure you create an appropriate spare time for miscellaneous activities, by so doing you are expecting the unexpected. Funny right?

—Omawili Destiny Tobi

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