Intimacy: Romance Vs. Friendship

“The height of intimacy is friendship, not romance.” So let’s get our terms clearly defined 😎: Intimacy – The state of having a close personal relationship with somebody. Friendship – A relationship between friends. Romance – An exciting usually short relationship between 2 people who are in love with each other. Have you experienced thisContinue reading “Intimacy: Romance Vs. Friendship”

Four Apps That Help You Boost Your Productivity

Over the past 1 year, I have gotten more concerned about my productivity so I have spent a good deal of time researching tools I can use to stay productive and consistent in achieving my desired goals and objectives. In my teens, I saw my Dad observe certain techniques to stay productive and manage hisContinue reading “Four Apps That Help You Boost Your Productivity”


Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins “The vision your mind can seize, it can achieve.” – ✌️ To prime means to make someone or something ready for a particular situation.And it starts with a definite outcome in view. However, what happens when your mind can’t visualize that outcome? What happens when your mind is not energisedContinue reading “PRIMING YOUR MIND FOR PRODUCTIVITY”


Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Any worthy outcome you desire is within your reach. It simply takes the right strategy and commensurate actions. The high-flyers in any field know this and in turn, take responsibility for their outcomes by disciplining themselves to get their targeted results. Here are 4 KEYS you can use to stayContinue reading “4 KEYS TO IMPROVING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY”


THE SOURCE OF TRUE CREATIVITY Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. My dear friend Destiny Omawili said in one of his recent posts that “everything is created twice.” I truly agree. Life works on the womb principle; anything that is birthed must have been first conceived. Conception represents internal formation and birthing is where we haveContinue reading “THE TRUE SOURCE OF CREATIVITY”

The Vision Series – Living With A Clear Vision

Living With A Clear Vision It is the beginning of the year and the easiest thing to do now is – enter into hyperdrive mode in pursuit of our goals. The start of the year is often when we have the most momentum. We are hungry and desirous to make the needed changes in ourContinue reading “The Vision Series – Living With A Clear Vision”

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