The Vision Series – Living With A Clear Vision

Living With A Clear Vision

It is the beginning of the year and the easiest thing to do now is – enter into hyperdrive mode in pursuit of our goals.

The start of the year is often when we have the most momentum. We are hungry and desirous to make the needed changes in our lives. What is a bit unfortunate is that a lot of us take-off with the energy needed to cover a sprint, whereas we are meant to run a marathon.

This often results in burnout by the middle of the year. I have experienced It, and I can tell you that such scenes occur as a result of an omission of certain key elements.
One of these elements is a clear vision.

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” – Jesus.

What does mean to have a single eye?
It implies a focused vision; one that sees “the intended end.”

The limitation is simply in what we see.

Think of yourself as a driver embarking on a journey through the roads of 2021. You are headed somewhere and this place is not just 2022. You are headed to achieve a vision. That vision Is your intended destination.

At the end of 2021, what you have achieved will be your destination.

To be truly successful in this trip, you need to know:
1. Where you are now.
2. Where you are going to.

Where you are now is your reality. You can’t ignore it. The best you can do is acknowledge it with the plan to adjust it.

If you are uncomfortable with your present location, you have the opportunity to change your destination. This will be a result of knowing where you need to go to.

You can choose to simply define your destination and allow the limitations of life to curtail your journey… That is a rather unfortunate path to thread.

I advise you to follow the path sustained by Grace and allow God’s Wisdom to give you clarity on where you ought to be. God has a precise plan and purpose for you this year and it is your job to find out.

I will like to leave you with these thoughts:

1. As we journey through time, our decisions and actions are the steering wheel of our lives while our vision serves as the windscreen. Your destination is not accidental.

2. You were born by purpose and for a purpose so you need to live with a clear vision of it as you navigate through life.

3. “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Hellen Keller.

Question: How do you receive a clear vision for the year?
I will love to hear from you.


Written by Tosin Iyanda.

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