Unlock Your Creativity Course

Think, Educate & Create

Unlock Your Creativity is a course that has been built with the major objectives of –

  1. Equipping innovative thinkers and implementers.
  2. Equipping youths with skills that have a high market demand.
  3. Raising Thought Leaders.

In the Course, you will get to learn –

Part 1 – The Foundations Of Content Creation

1. Conceptualization of ideas (How To Conceive Ideas)
– Where does dreaming start?
– Ideas as seeds of our imagination

2. How Industry players have been able to use their ideas and dreams to create a better future
(with practical examples)

3. Why content is a key component of effective Brands
– An overview of Content Creation
– How to get started as a content creator

4. Keys on how to improve your creative craftsmanship
(This is centred on how to improve your ideation and content creation abilities)

5. How to learn from your heart

Part 2 – Practical Content Creation

Writers Workshop

– We will be teaching you on how to create unique write-ups that can promote your products and services
– Creative Writing (with key emphasis in storytelling)

If you are not entirely into writing, you can go for our Graphic Designs Course, through which you will learn:

Graphic Designers Workshop

In our Graphic Design Workshop, you will get to learn how to use your smartphone as a tool for Graphic Designs.

You will learn:

– How to make a catchy logo

– How to make catchy efliers with Pixellab and Canva

– Removing background from photos

– Apps and websites to create unique content

– How to create simple mock-up designs to showcase a book, product, T-shirt and other forms of merchandise.

The first edition of this course was launched on the 26th Of October, 2020.

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