Iron Man 2 Review 2

Expected Reading Time – 5 minutes.

Iron Man 2 is a movie you should watch if you are caught in the mix of fulfilling a purpose to meet the greater good and trying to please people.

The movie starts with scenes from the end of Iron Man 2, in which Mr. Tony Stark announces he is the Iron Man. We are then taken to Moscow where we see a dying man watching the news. Another man comes to him who is his son. His son who is later known as the villain, whiplash has his father tell him he should be the one wearing the suit.

After the death of his father, he brings up a blueprint containing Howard Stark’s name and that of his father. He then begins to work on the prototype of Tony’s arc reactor.

We then see Tony Stark make an appearance in New York at the “Stark Expo.” He shares his new vision for the company which is to privatize world peace. After the expo, Tony is summoned to a Senate hearing in Washington D.C. The court asks him to surrender the Tech for the Iron Man suit to the Government. Tony shows an intelligent level of wit in protecting the rights to his technology while in court.

Subsequently, Ms. Pepper Potts (Tony’s personal assistant) takes on the role of CEO of Stark Industries. She then hires a woman named Natali Rushman as the new legal clerk. On Tony’s first meeting with her, he has a good heart bond with her and asks that she joins him and Mr. Happy (his bodyguard) in the Boxing ring. He performs a Google search on her and discovers she speaks 4 languages including Latin. He asks Pepper to make her his assistant and though resistant, she eventually does. Afterward, we see Tony and the Team appear in Monaco where they are to honor a formula 1 event. While in Monaco, Tony meets Justin Hammer and Christine Evenheart (a news reporter from the previous sequel). Justin tries to strengthen his bond with Tony but it proves unfruitful. Whilst in Monaco, Tony discovers his blood toxicity is way beyond the norms and then decides to make an appearance in the Formula 1 event. The Formula 1 race commences, and all racers are in full motion however, as the race continues, we see an incredible interruption of events in which Ivan Vanko steps into the Racing track and then introduces 2 whips which he powers up and uses to cause havoc. He splits several cars into halves and many more are blown to pieces. Ms. Pepper realizes that Tony is this villain’s most probable target and then decides to quickly step into the scene.

As she makes her transition to the race car scene, Whiplash has begun his confrontation with Tony. Whiplash slices Tony’s car into 2, however, Tony doesn’t cower away. Like the Biblical character, David, he faces his opposition. Tony uses his wits to decoy Mr. Ivan’s attacks and eventually Ms. Pepper and Happy arrive on the scene. They ambush Ivan with their car and then keep him warded off until Tony is finally able to wear his suit. By the time Tony wears his suit, Ivan is back on the scene and continues to confront Tony. Tony now in his suit takes Ivan (Whiplash) down and eventually wins.

Subsequently, Justin Hammer stages the release of Ivan from prison, and then hires or better still cajoles him to work on suits he can use to impress the military.

Tony returns home to Malibu and has a birthday party where he expresses deeply erratic behaviour. This behaviour is stimulated by the advice of Ms. Natali who seems to still act subtle and reserved, later in the Movie, her identity is revealed.
The party goes south and Lt. Rhodey (Tony’s best friend) decides to step in. He gets one of Tony’s suits and orders everyone to leave. As he tries to control Tony’s actions, this turns into a fight, and eventually, a lot of chaos ensues. Rhodey eventually leaves and we see in a later scene that he submits the suit to the Military.

The storyline gets more interesting with Nick Fury stepping into the scene later on, who shares details of how his Dad had started the Arc reactor project.

When watching, it’s important to pay close attention to the attributes of heroism that Sir Tony Stark displays. The selfish traits should be paid attention to as well. Tony’s drive for heroism was for the greater good, however, his unwillingness to work with others was a manifestation of selfishness.

Written by Tosin Iyanda

05th of April, 2022.

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