Iron Man 2 Review

iron Man 2 is a movie you should watch if you are caught in the mix of fulfilling a purpose to meet the greater good and trying to please people.

The movie starts off with scenes from the end of Iron Man 2, in which Tony Stark announces he is the Iron Man. We are then taken to Moscow where we see a dying man watching the news. Another man comes to him who is his son. His son who is later known as the villain, whiplash has his father tell him he should be the one wearing the suit.

After the death of his father, he brings up a blueprint containing Howard Stack’s name and that of his father. He then begins to work on the prototype of the iron Man’s arc reactor.

We then see Tony Stark make an appearing in New York at the “Stark Expo.” He shares about his new vision for the company which is to privatize world peace. After the expo, Tony is summoned to a Senate hearing in Washington D.C. The court asks him to surrender the Tech for the Iron Man suit to the Government.

I will be sharing more on this before the week ends. Trust to see you soon.

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