Four Apps That Help You Boost Your Productivity

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Over the past 1 year, I have gotten more concerned about my productivity so I have spent a good deal of time researching tools I can use to stay productive and consistent in achieving my desired goals and objectives.

In my teens, I saw my Dad observe certain techniques to stay productive and manage his time. He will constantly write things down and was very astute with his time. I never knew why he did so until I got into my A-Levels. I began to learn that one major key to sustaining your productivity is keeping your focus on what you need to achieve and doing so at the right time. So I began to do so, and it’s been effective. However, fast-forward 5 years into 2021 and I still use notepads to keep my mindfulness but in the similitude of Apostle Paul I have found “a more excellent way.”

  1. Google Calendar: Your Google Calendar helps you to not only plan your day but plan your weeks, months and the whole year. It has an embedded schedule view through which you can align your tasks in an orderly fashion throughout your day. The cool thing about Google Calendar is that it can be integrated across all your devices that are logged into the account it operates from.
  2. Evernote: Evernote is one highly effective task management system. Not only does it help you set plans and schedules, but it also helps you create notes that can feature the major file formats (PDFs, images, audios, videos, e.t.c)

Evernote comes with a free and paid subscription. The free subscription doesn’t work without an internet connection, however, the paid version does. The paid version currently goes for N715 a month’s subscription. It’s well worth the price in comparison to the value it will give you.

  1. Google Assistant: Lately, my Google Assistant has become a close friend. Often when I am walking to class and remember a task that I should complete during the day I reach out to my pocket, grab my phone and long-press the home key. I then share what I will love accomplished or the task I will like to be reminded about.

It helps with voice searching, voice commands and voice-activated device control. It comes inbuilt in phones with an Android 6.0 OS upwards. I highly recommend you check out the other features it hosts on your phone and then use it optimally 👌

  1. Text To Speech: The Text To Speech App helps you listen to the audio version of written texts. It also serves to translate a piece of content from one language to another in both the verbal and textual formats.

If you are always on the move and don’t have enough time to read content at once then this app will help you get the work done.

It has a free version and paid version just like Evernote.

We are really in the era of creativity and ingenuity so I encourage you to look for ways to creatively solve problems. As you use these tools please appreciate the Developers as well. They put a lot into making these tools available for your benefit. Most importantly, think of what you can produce as well. It might not be an app, however, think of how to use your ideas, skills and resources to solve the problems of others.

To your increased Productivity ✌️.

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