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Some time ago, I wrote about how productivity is the true expression of creativitý and I got this beautiful comment from my brother Destiny Omawii:

“Give me bread (represents any physical necessity) today and it will quench my hunger for the day but the probability of me returning to beg (or ask for your help) again is very much higher than me not coming back.

But teaching me how to make bread (although will really require me giving out efforts to make the bread as I act on your teachings) will sustain me for life, I won’t return to beg you, I will return to thank you.

Seeds are important
Seeds are greater.

Learn how to fish, don’t ask for fish.”

I have seen that the words of this comment encapsulate a particular discipline of greatness; learning how to fish rather than asking for fish.

A great mentor of mine always says that “Don’t just admire the results of Great Men, admire their process too.”


Their process is the seed that gave birth to the fruit of who they have become.

Here is a principle of life; everything that exists has the fruit component and the seed component to it.

When you speak, the seed component of your words is your thoughts and your words are just the fruit of those thoughts.

Behind your favorite book (fruit), are years of research and investment in learning (seeds).

Behind the Apple iPhone (fruit), were acts of research, product analysis, and production (seeds).

Learn how to appropriate seeds.

Your knowledge is a seed.
Your abilities are seeds.
Your relationships are seeds.

The best way to honour any gift given to you is to utilise it and produce.

In the times, we are living in everyone ought to be a Producer. The producers have been thought to be a special breed of people in society, however, I will like to make you know that you are part of that breed.

God didn’t make you a follower in everything. He has placed in you a seed, that will make you a leader in something. The hallmark of seed sowing is that it leads to multiplication.

Robert Schuller said, “You can count the numbers of seeds in an Apple but you can’t count the number of Apples in a seed.”

So definitely the seeds are more valuable.

And through the proper appropriation of your seeds, you can help others attain greater heights and make the world a better place.

It’s time to change the narrative!
Use Your Seed!

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