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My dear friend Destiny Omawili said in one of his recent posts that “everything is created twice.”

I truly agree.

Life works on the womb principle; anything that is birthed must have been first conceived.

Conception represents internal formation and birthing is where we have external expression.
The unseen is truly the gateway to the seen, and that is why conception is so important. God showed us this principle in creation.
Everything that came forth from Him was first of all made within Him.

On the surface, we know that God carried out His inventions through words.
However, these words had a source!
Jesus did tell us that, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34)

So we know that God’s words come from His Heart.
What’s interesting is that true creativity (which extends beyond words) is an extension of the Heart of God.

So many of us walk in the creative expression of God’s Heart but are not aware of it.

How do we function here?

The primary characteristic of God’s Heart is love. Everything He is and all He does flows from this.

When we get to operate from His love it leads to a natural outflow of His thoughts and ways which in turn gives voice to our creativity.
However, love is one of the most confusing terms in our day. We have confused love for lust, unnecessary sentiments, and vain affection.

In reality, 2 keys give meaning to love, these are affection and honor.

If we walk in 1 key and deny the second then we have lost sight of love. However, when we choose to appropriate both keys, we make ourselves channels to this unique manifestation of God that can’t be fathomed.

Research shows that emotions that are categorized by high motivational intensity help to boost your creative drive.
This is a core characteristic of love. It induces a drive to achieve a set goal with great passion. It sparks your drive and creativity.

A man I greatly admire said that God only backs up those who are concerned about His people. And he referenced King Solomon here.

King Solomon when granted an open cheque by God, didn’t ask for riches, long life, or the head of his enemies, he asked for wisdom to lead God’s people. God gave him wisdom and this wisdom was expressed in creativity.

No wonder when the Queen of Sheba visited him, she was amazed by how he walked in this ability. It all started with s heart of love.
Jesus is the best example here, he never ran out of ideas on how to solve problems because He lived out of an outflow of love; love for God and, love for people.
Many of the greatest visionaries of the past received steady streams of ideas because of this simple key.

This is why we all must commit to live beyond ourselves.

Refuse to be selfish. Choose to use what you have for others and it will greatly multiply.

I conclude with this, last year while creating the Unlock Your Creativity course I felt like the Team and I weren’t prepared and it wasn’t time for it. However, the Lord gave me a push to follow through. I got to realize that this push was not for myself but for others who will glean from this course. He made me understand the role of being a channel and not a reservoir.

When we launched the course, I was quite skeptical and there were a lot of challenges. I kept using the inspiration I had to motivate my Team; the vision was for the greater good.

We ran adverts and free sessions on the course for almost 2 months before getting our first student. Eventually, God did glorious things through the course and we had more students.

This brought in more avenues to express our creativity and in turn serve others.

Love can and should be a driving force.

When we live out of love, we will be our best for God.

The principle I advise we all imbibe is to tie whatever goal you desire to achieve to a cause that is greater than you are. Let that cause be under the umbrella of love and watch yourself become your best for God.

Written by Tosin Iyanda

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